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no-img_eng.gif Lessons in Chinese landscape painting / compiled by Shi Jia ; English version by Liang Yin-ben Shi, Jia. 0   797 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Letters from China Hynes, Maureen 0   509 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Li Pai : 200 Selected poems / translated by Rewi Alley ; paintings by Pan Hsieh-tzu. Li, Po, 701-762. 0   509 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Li, qi and shu : an introduction to science and civilization in China. Ho, Peng Yoke, 1926- 0   771 科學 Science Available
cover Life along the Silk Road Susan Whitfield 0   521 歴史 History Available
cover Life And Death In Shanghai Nien Cheng 0   460 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Life and death in Shanghai Cheng, Nien, 1915- 0   534 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Lin Yutang's Chinese-English dictionary of modern usage Lin, Yutang, 1895-1976 0   485 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Literary dissent in Communist China Goldman, Merle 0   545 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Literature of the People's Republic of China / edited by Kai-yu Hsu, co-editor, Ting Wang, with the special assistance of Howard Goldblatt, Donald, Gibbs, and George Cheng 0   487 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Liu Shaoqi and the Chinese cultural revolution Dittmer, Lowell 0   518 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Living in China : a guide to teaching and studyingin China, including Taiwan / Rebecca Weiner, Margaret Murphy, Albert Li. Weiner, Rebecca. 0   866 教育 Education Available
no-img_eng.gif Local government in China under the Ching Chu, Tung-tsu 0   821 政治 Political Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Long road home : a China journal. Schwarcz, Vera, 1947- 0   574 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Looking for China : reflections on a Silk Road Schultz, Judy. 0   625 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Looking for China : reflections on a Silk Road Schultz, Judy 0   486 歴史 History Available
cover Lords of the Rim : The Invisible Empire of the Overseas chinese Sterling Seagrave 0   834 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Love and hate in China Koningsberger, Hans 0   527 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Love in action : writings on nonviolent social change / Thich Nhat Hanh ; foreword by Daniel Berrigan Nhat Hanh, Thich 0   920 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Loving kindness : the revolutionary art of happiness / Sharon Salzberg ; foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Salzberg, Sharon. 0   806 宗教 Religion Available
cover Lu Hsün's The true story of Ah Q Lu Hsün 0   547 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Lu Xun and evolution Pusey, James Reeve, 1940- 0   448 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Lu Xun selected poems / Lu Xun ; translated by W.J.F. Jenner Lu, Hsun, 1881-1936 0   735 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Macao and the British, 1637-1842 : prelude to Hong Kong Coates, Austin. 0   528 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif MacGillivary of Shanghai:the life of Donald MacGillivray Brown, Margaret H., 1887- 0   789 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Madame Mao : the white boned demon Terrill, Ross 0   824 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Major doctrines of Communist China / edited by John Wilson Lewis 0   906 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Making capitalism in China : the Taiwan connection Hsing,You-tien 0   828 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Manchu Elegant, Robert S. 0   708 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Manchu palaces : a novel Larsen, Jeanne. 0   581 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mandarin : 官 Elegant, Robert S. 0   671 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mandarin Chinese : a functional reference grammar / Charles N. Li and Sandra A. Thompson Li, Charles N., 1940- 0   482 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Many-mouthed birds : contemporay writing by Chinese Canadians / edited by Bennett Lee & Jim Wong-Chu 0   520 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao : a life Short, Philip 0   492 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao and China : from revolution to revolution. Karnow, Stanley. 0   534 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao and the Chinese revolution / Jerome Chen ; with thirty-seven poems by Mao Tse-tung ; translated from the Chinese by Michael Bullock and Jerome Ch'en Ch'en, Jerome, 1919- 0   597 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao for beginners / Rius & friends. Rius. 0   519 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao papers : anthology and bibliography / edited by Jerome Ch`en Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976 0   547 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Tse-tung : an anthology of his writings / [Mao Tse-tung] ; edited with an introduction by Anne Fremantle. Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976. 0   737 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Tse-tung and his China. Marrin, Albert. 0   511 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Tse-Tung. Archer, Jules. 0   540 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Tze-tung and the Chinese people Howard, Roger, 1938- 0   486 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Zedong : biograhy, assessment, reminiscences / compiled by Zhong Wenxian 0   563 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao Zedong : man, not god / by Quan Yanchi ; [translated by Wang Wenjiong ; English text edited by Gale Hadfield] Quan, Yanchi 0   479 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao's harvest : voices from China's new generation/ edited by Helen F. Siu and Zelda Stern. 0   501 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mao's war against nature : politics and the environment in Revolutionary China Shapiro, Judith, 1953- 0   776 地理 Geography Available
no-img_eng.gif Maoism through the eyes of Communists : The world Communist and Workers' Press on the policies of theMao Tse-tung group / edited by V.I. [V.A.] Krivtsov ; [translated fromthe Russian by David Skvirsky 0   873 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Massacre in Beijing : China struggle for democracy / by the editors of Time magazine ; with an introduction by Nien Cheng ; edited by Donald Morrison. 0   520 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Master Tung's Western chamber romance : (Tung Hsi-hsiang chu-kung-tiao 董西廂諸宮調) : Chinese chantefable / [Tung Chieh-yuen] ; translated from the Chinese, and with an introduction by Li-li Chen Tung, Chieh-yuan, fl. 1189-1208 0   524 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Master Yunmen : from the record of the Chan Master "Gate of the Clouds" / translated, edited, and with an introduction by Urs App Yun-men, 864-949 0   813 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Masterpieces of Chinese bronze mirrors in the National Palace Museum Ku li ku kung po wu yuan 0   763 美術 Fine Arts Available
cover Masterworks of Ming and Qing painting from the Forbidden City Howard Rogers and Sherman E. Lee 0   827 美術 Fine Arts Available
cover Matisse John Jacobus 0   752 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Medicine in China : a history of ideas Unschuld, Paul Ulrich, 1943- 0   789 醫學 Medicine Available
no-img_eng.gif Medieval Chinese warfare, 300-900 Graff, David Andrew, 1962- 0   523 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Meditations to transform the mind / the Seventh Dalai Lama : translated, edited, and introduced by Glenn H. Mullin Bskal-bzan-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama VII, 1708-1757 0   1109 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Mei lan chu chu hua fa ta chuan = Fundamental Chinese painting of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum / Tsai Kung-heng tseng ; Liang Yin-pen pien. 0   938 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Mencius / [Mencius] ; translated by David Hinton. Mencius. 0   486 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mental health planning for one billion people : a Chinese perspective / Tsung-yi Lin and Leon Eisenberg, editors. 0   779 醫學 Medicine Available
cover Michelangelo Frederick Hartt 0   743 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Midnight / Mao Tun (i.e. Shen Yen-ping) ; [translated by Hsu Meng-hsiung] Shen, Yen-ping, 1896- 0   627 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Ming : a novel of seventeenth century China Oxnam, Robert B. 0   616 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Minority Canadians / edited by Jean Leonard Elliott. 0   985 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Minority Canadians : ethnic groups / Joseph F. Krauter & Morris Davis Krauter, Joseph Francis, 1919- 0   795 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China / edited by Albert Feuerwerker Feuerwerker, Albert 0   563 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China : a brief history Rowe, David Nelson, 1905- 0   482 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China : a guide to a century of change Hutchings, Graham 0   552 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China : an interpretive anthology Levenson,Joseph Richmond, 1920-1969 0   514 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China's economy and management / edited by Ma Hong 0   858 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern China, 1840-1972 : an introduction to sources and research aids Nathan, Andrew James 0   912 圖書館學 Library Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Modern history of China / general editor, S. L. Tikhvinsky ; translated from the Russian by Vic Schneierson 0   563 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Monkeypuzzle Wong, Rita, 1968- 0   458 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Morality, eh? : a pocketful of Canadian short stories Wong, Freeman J. 1956- 0   528 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif More Chinese sayings / translated and annotated by T. C. Lai Lai, T. C. 0   661 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Moscow and Chinese Communists North, Robert Carver. 0   603 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mountain of fame : portraits in Chinese history Wills, John E. (John Elliot), 1936- 0   516 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Mrs. Spring fragrance and other writings / Sui Sin Far ; edited by Amy Ling and Annette White-Parks Sui Sin Far, 1865-1914 0   551 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Music at the heart of thinking Wah, Fred, 1939- 0   712 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Mythology and folklore of the Hui, a Muslim Chinese people / Shujiang Li, Karl W. Luckert ; translations by Fenglan Yu, Zhilin Hou, and Ganhui Wang ; Chinese editorial assistance, Zongqi Yu ; assista Li, Shu-chiang, 1946- 0   773 地理 Geography Available
no-img_eng.gif Nativism overseas : contemporary Chinese women writers / edited by Hsin-sheng C. Kao 0   455 文學 Literature Available
cover New archaeological finds in China : discoveries during the cultural revolution 0   478 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif New China's first quarter-century 0   819 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif New progress in China's special economic zones / chief editors : Gao Shangguan and Chi Fulin ; written by Sun Xiuping, Chen Wen and Lei Xian Sheng 0   854 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif New songs from a jade terrace : an anthology of early Chinese love poetry / translated with annotations and an introduction by Anne Birrell. 0   435 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Ng Po Wan : the man & his art / Philip Mak ; editors, Tina Pang, Leung Lit Cheong, Peter Wong; translation to Chinese, Felita Hui, Wai Y. Ng ; photography, Sidney Yip. Mai, Yaoxiang. 0   934 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Noble House Clavell, James 0   421 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif North China villages : social, political and economic activities before 1933 Gamble, Sidney D, 1890- 0   912 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Nothing comes of nothing : a treasury of Chinese mini-stories Wong, Freeman J., 1953- 0   446 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Nowhere is my home. Lo, Kung Yuan 1920- 0   538 歴史 History Available
cover Ocean of nectar : wisdom and compassion in Mahayana Geshe Kelsang Gyatso 0   1043 哲學 Philosophy Available
no-img_eng.gif Oil in the People's republic of China : industry structure, production, exports Bartke, Wolfgang 0   800 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Old tales retold / Lu Hsun ; [translated by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang] Lu Hsun, 1881-1936 0   535 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif On Deng Xiaoping thought Wu, Jie 0   508 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif On the evolution of Peking opera Chiang, Ching, 1910- 0   769 音樂 Music Available
no-img_eng.gif Oriental and Asian bibliography : an introduction with some reference to Africa Pearson, James Douglas, 1911- 0   877 圖書館學 Library Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Oriental missions in British Columbia / by N. Lascelles Ward ; assisted by H. A. Hellaby Ward, N. Lascelles 0   810 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Oriental occupation of British Columbia McInnes, Tom 0   842 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Oriental rugs. 0   778 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Orientals in Canada : the story of the work of the United Church of Canada. with Asiatics in Canada Osterhout, S. S. 0   848 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available

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