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no-img_eng.gif An outline history of Hong Kong / Kiu Shuyong ; English translation by Wang Wenjiong, Chang Mingyu Liu, Shuyong, 1941- 0   1111 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif An outline history of Hong Kong / Liu Shuyong ; English trnaslation by Wang Wenjiong, Chang Minyu Liu, Shuyong 0   1049 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif An outline of China's physical geography / compiled by Ren Mei'e, Yang Renzhang, and Bao Haosheng ; translated by Zhang Tingquan and Hu Genkang. Jen, Mei-o 0   821 地理 Geography Available
no-img_eng.gif An Oxford anthology of contemporary Chinese drama / edited by Martha P. Y. Cheung and Jane C. C. Lai. 0   977 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Anatomy of China : an introduction to one quarter of mankind. Wilson, Dick, 1928- 0   1101 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Ancestors, 900 years in the life of a Chinese family. Ching, Frank. 0   985 歴史 History Available
cover Ancestral images again : a third Hong Kong album Hugh Baker 0   7832 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Ancient China Fitzgerald, C. P. (Charles Patrick), 1902- 0   1038 歴史 History Available
cover Ancient China / by Edward H. Schafer and the editors of Time-LifeBooks. Schafer, Edward H. 0   1087 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Ancient China : the discoveries of post-liberationChinese archaeology / William Watson ; with an introduction by Magnus Magnusson. Watson, William, 1917- 0   1148 歴史 History Available
cover Ancient China's inventions J.H. San 0   832 烹飪 Cooking Available
cover Ancient China's painters Shen Tse Chen (Translated by Ken Klein) 0   802 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Ancient China's poets / [written by Liu Po-chen ; translated by Lewis S. Robinson] Liu, Po-chen 0   829 文學 Literature Available
cover Ancient China's scientists S.Z. Zhong 0   834 科學 Science Available
no-img_eng.gif And so that's how it happened : recollections of Stanley-Barkerville, 1900-1975 / W.M. Hong ; designed and edited by Gary and Eileen Seale ; originally edited by J.R. Hambly. Hong, W. M. 0   943 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Anthology of Chinese literature / compiled and edited by Cyril Birch ; associate editor, Donald Keene Birch, Cyril, 1925- 0   921 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Anticipating China : thinking through the narratives of Chinese and Western culture / David L. Hall and Roger T. Ames Hall, David L. 0   1058 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Art and politics in China, 1949-1984. Galikowski, Maria. 0   835 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Art education in Hong Kong : formal, nonformal, informal education system Chan, Ying Man 0   844 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Art in China Clunas, Craig 0   803 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Art of China, Korea, and Japan Swann, Peter C. 0   817 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Art of Dynastic China. Watson, William, 1917- 0   1007 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Art of the bedchamber : the Chinese sexual yoga classics including women's solo meditation texts Wile, Douglas 0   963 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Art treasures of the Peking Museum / Francois Fourcase ; [translated from the French by Norbert Guterman] Fourcase, Francois 0   802 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Arts and crafts of China / Scott Minick and Jiao Ping Minick, Scott, 1955- 0   840 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Ashima / [compiled and translated from Sani into Han by the Guishan Work Term of the Yunnan People'sCultural Troupe ; revised by the Kunming Branch of the Union of Chinese Writers ; translated into E Huang, Dihua. 0   880 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Asian literature : poetry, short stories & essays 0   913 文學 Literature Available
cover At The Turn of the Century: Records of 48 Hours in China 編輯, 涂乃賢, 黃焱紅, 李潔琴 0   936 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Authority and welfare in China : modern debates in historical perspective Twohey, Michael, 1962- 0   861 政治 Political Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Authority, participation and cultural change in China : essays by a European study group / edited and with an introduction by Stuart R. Schram, with contributions by Marianne Bastid [et al.] 0   944 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Autumn in Spring and other stories / Ba Jin(i.e. Li, Fei-kan) Ba, Jin, 1904- 0   851 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Awakening to Zen : the teachings of Roshi Philip Kapleau / [Philip Kapleau] ; edited by Polly Young-Eisendrath and Rafe Martin Kapleau, Philip, 1912- 0   826 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Away with all pests : an English surgeon in People's China, 1954-1969 / Joshua S. Horn ; introduction by Edgar Snow Horn, Joshua S. 0   777 醫學 Medicine Available
no-img_eng.gif Bamboo stone : the evolution of a Chinese medical elite Minden, Karen. 0   740 醫學 Medicine Available
no-img_eng.gif Banana boys : (heung jiu jei) Woo, Terry 0   787 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Barbarians and Mandarins : thirteen countries of Western travelers in China Cameron, Nigel 0   1001 歴史 History Available
cover Basic Buddhist Concepts Kogen Nvzuno 0   866 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Be an island : the Buddhist practice of inner peace / Ayya Khema ; foreword by Sandy Boucher. Khema, Ayya. 0   806 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Becoming Madame Mao Min, Anchee, 1957- 0   897 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Before Confucius : studies in the creation of the Chinese classics Shaughnessy, Edward L., 1952- 0   909 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Beginning Chinese DeFrancis, John, 1911- 0   889 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Behind the Great Wall : an appraisal of Mao's China / Lorenz Stucki ; translated by Jean Steinberg. Stucki, Lorenz. 0   990 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Behind the wall : a journey through China. Thubron, Colin 1939- 0   1030 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Beijing Jeep : the short, unhappy romance of American business in China Jim Mann 0   967 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Beijing legends / Jin Shoushen (i.e. Chin Shou-shen) ; translated by Gladys Yang Chin, Shou-shen 0   861 地理 Geography Available
no-img_eng.gif Beijing spring / photographs by David and Peter Turnley ; text by Melinda Liu ; introduction by Orville Schell ; foreword by Howard Chaprick ; captions by Li Ming Turnley, David C. 0   1061 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Being Chinese : Voices from the diaspora Djao, Wei, 1943- 0   1025 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Bellydancer : stories Lee, Sky 0   873 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Beneath the red banner / Lao She ; translated by Don J. Cohn Lao, She, 1899-1966 0   890 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Best Chinese stories : 1949-1989. 0   861 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Between Mecca and Beijing : modernization and consumption among urban Chinese Muslims Gillette, Maris Boyd 0   934 經濟 Economics Available
no-img_eng.gif Beyond silence : Chinese Canadian literature in English. Chao, Lien, 1950- 0   858 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Beyond spring : tz'u poems of the Sung dynasty Landau, Julie 0   847 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Bird in a cage : legal reform in China after Mao Lubman, Stanley B., 1934- 0   849 法律 Law Available
no-img_eng.gif Birdless summer : China, autobiography, history. Han, Suyin, 1917- 0   1037 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Birds in China / Xu, Weishu (i.e.Hsu Wei-shu) ; [translated by Zhou Lifang and Liu Bingwen. ; illustrated by Wang Binying.] Hsu, Wei-shu. 0   800 科學 Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Black Country to Red China / Esther Cheo Ying ; foreword by Jill Tweedie. Cheo Ying, Esther, 1932- 0   1024 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Black eel / Ai Qing ; translated by Yang Xianyi and Robert C. Friend Ai, Qing, 1910- 0   867 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Bodhicitta : cultivating the mind of enlightenment / Ven. Lobsang Gyatso ; translated by Ven. Sherab Gyatso Blo-bzan-rgya-mtsho, Phu-khan Dge-bses 0   849 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Bodhisattva of compassion : the mystical traditionof Kuan Yin Blofeld, John Eaton Calthorpe, 1913-1987 0   801 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Born red : a chronicle of the Cultural Revolution. Gao, Yuan, 1952- 0   970 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Breathin' my name with a sigh Wah, Fred, 1939- 0   1019 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Bridge across the Pacific 0   948 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Bridges in China, old and new : from the ancient Chaochow Bridge to the modern Nanking Bridge over the Yangtze Mao, I-sheng, 1896- 0   866 烹飪 Cooking Available
no-img_eng.gif Bringing down the Great Wall : writigs on sciense, culture, and democracy in China / Fang Lizhi ; introduction by Orville Schell ; editor and principal translator, James H. Williams Fang, Li-chih 0   947 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Bronze mirror Larsen, Jeanne 0   884 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Brushes with power : modern politics and the Chinese art of calligraphy Kraus, Richard Curt. 0   826 美術 Fine Arts Available
no-img_eng.gif Buddhism in America / compiled by Al Rapaport ; edited by Brian D. Hotchkiss 0   874 宗教 Religion Available
cover Buddhism in practice / Donald S. Lopez, Jr., editor 0   900 宗教 Religion Available
no-img_eng.gif Buddhism plain and simple. Hagen, Steve, 1945- 0   882 宗教 Religion Available
cover Buddhist ethics / by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye ; translated and edited by International Translation Committee Kon-sprul Blo-gros-mtha-yas, 1813-1899 0   1078 哲學 Philosophy Available
no-img_eng.gif Building bridges : the life & times of Richard Charles Lee, Hong Kong, 1905-1983. Poy, Vivienne, 1941- 0   1230 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Burying Mao : Chinese politics in the age of Deng Xiaoping Baum, Richard, 1940- 0   992 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Butterfly lovers. Foran, Charles, 1960- 0   860 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Call to arms / Lu Xun ; [translated by Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang] Lu, Hsun, 1881-1936 0   992 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Camel Xiangzi / Lao She ; translated by Shi Xiaoqing Lao, She, 1899-1966 0   943 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Canada and Taiwan (ROC) : evolving trans-Pacific relations Conference on Canada-Taiwan Relation 0   916 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Canada and the Far East, 1940-1953. Angus, Henry Forbes, 1891- 0   857 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Canada and the Far East--1940. Lower, Arthur Reginald Marsden, 1889- 0   826 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Canada-China cultural exchanges : centered in the 1970's but beginning with Dr. Norman Bethune DuVernet, Sylvia, 1921- 0   894 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
cover Canada-Hong Kong : some legal considerations 0   876 政治 Political Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Canadian families : ethnic variations / edited and with an introduction by K. Ishwaran 0   944 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Canadian holy war : a story of clans, tongs, murder, and bigotry / Ian Macdonald and Betty O'Keefe Macdonald, Ian, 1928- 0   847 華裔加大 Chinese Canadian Available
no-img_eng.gif Career patterns in the Ching dynasty : the office of governor-general / Raymond W. Chu, William G. Saywell Chu, Raymond W., 1936- 0   935 政治 Political Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Central government of China, 1912-1928 : an institutional study Hou, Fu-wu 0   1118 政治 Political Science Available
no-img_eng.gif Chairman Hua : leader of the Chinese Communists Wang, Ting 0   1012 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Chairman Mao talks to the people : talks and letters : 1956-1971 / edited with an introduction by stuart Schram ; translated by John Chinnery and Tieyun. Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976. 0   1113 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Changing identities of the Southeast Asian Chinese since World War II / edited by Jennifer W. Cushman and Wang Gungwu 0   1059 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Chaos under heaven : the shocking story of China's search for democracy Thomas, Gordon, 1933- 0   907 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif Chen Village : the recent history of a peasant community in Mao's China / Anita Chan, Richard Madsen, and Jonathan Unger. Chan, Anita. 0   990 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Cheng Pan-chiao : selected poems, calligraphy, paintings and seal engravings / edited and translated by Anthony Cheung and Paul Gurofsky Cheng, Hsieh, 1693-1765 0   868 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif Children of China : voices from recent years Chin, Ann-ping, 1948- 0   908 社會學 Sociology Available
no-img_eng.gif Children of the black-haired people King, Evan, 1906- 0   838 文學 Literature Available
no-img_eng.gif China Kuo, Ping-chia 0   981 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif China Mitchison, Lois 0   1006 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif China : "looking at flowers from horseback". Purden, Carolyn, 1941- 0   1009 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif China : a new history / John King Fairbank and Merle Goldman. Fairbank, John King, 1907- 0   1068 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif China : an introduction / compiled by Qi Wen ; translated by Zhou Yicheng. Qi, Wen. 0   968 歴史 History Available
no-img_eng.gif China : an introduction for Canadians / edited by Ray Wylie 0   986 歴史 History Available

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